Dwayne Bailey
Custom Furniture & Cabinetry
Boston, Massachusetts

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In 2004, Dwayne decided to say good-bye to his career as a computer software engineer and to formally pursue what had been a life-long passion, the art of custom furniture and cabinetry making. To do this he enrolled in the Cabinet and Furniture Making program at the prestigious North Bennet St. School in Boston.

After graduating in June, 2006, he joined a wonderful cooperative of fellow woodworkers - Fort Point Cabinetmakers at their new location on the 3rd floor of 23 Drydock Avenue next to the Boston Design Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Over time this web site will continue to evolve and will provide more information about the artisan, his work to date, as well as information about how to contact and work with Dwayne to have him craft a unique piece for your own home or office.

Image of Dwayne doing some custom hand carving